Las Gabacha-chas put the ha ha in Cha Cha music!
Tunes You Might Hear Us Play

A bailar

You have to wiggle when we play this tune by Gloria and Emilio Estefan!


An old Cuban cha cha about a little kid making 3 wishes on the famous lamp

Alma corazón y vida

This love song from Perú is timeless

Andre de Sapato Novo

Instrumental about when Andre had the chance to dance with the most beautiful woman, but his new shoes kept hurting. Flute Feature.


One of the most famous Mexican polkas

Biblio Mojame

An instrumental blend of two pieces. Our arrangement was featured in the film Head Start about bililngual education.


This song says that when you hear the rumba, you have to dance—no two ways about it!
A Mexican pop song about joining forces to save the world from nuclear destruction. Not a bad idea!


This cha cha cha ends with a chorus that goes faster and faster till the drummers collapse!

Cha cha del transito

A catchy tune about dancing in the traffic as the cops blow their whistle
  Chan chan
1987 song that became the signature track of Buena Vista Social Club project. The song relates the story of a man and a woman (Chan Chan and Juanica) who are building a house, and go to the beach to get some sand. Chan Chan collects the sand and puts it on the jibe (a sieve for sand). Juanica shakes it, and to do so she shakes herself, making Chan Chan aroused. Ooh la la.

Chipi chipi

An old Chilean dance hall tune that will get stuck in your head for sure


A tune by Fito Olivares of Monterrey, about getting the waistline under control
  Color esperanza
Diego Torres’s songs lyrics reflect on themes of hope and overcoming hard times in life.

Como la flor

A Selena tribute.

Cuando sale la luna

This romantic song was made popular by Tania Libertad of Perú

Culpable sí

An original Gabacha-cha song in which a man pleads his case before a jury, trying for a light sentence or maybe dropping the charges…


Las Gabacha-chas's take on Puerto Rican born Rafael Hernández Marín’s instrumental.

Dame un poco de ti

A classic waltz by José Alfredo Jimenez of Guanajuato, Mexico

El bodeguero

One of the most famous cha cha cha tunes performed by Orquesta Aragón in the heyday of big bands in Cuba

El chaca-cha del tren

This train song comes from Spain and it was made famous by a sisters duo, Las Hermanas Hernández

El chicle se me pegó

In this song the hapless dancer steps on a piece of gum, which really messes up his dance moves!
Listen El negro zumbón
A babião song written by Armando Trovajoli in 1951 for the film Anna.  In the movie, the song is performed in a night club scene; also featured in Cinema Paradiso (1988).


You are like a thorn in my heart—such a sad song with a happy tune

Esto es diciembre

We found this medley of Carribean Christmas tunes from a recording by the Colombian group, Alquimia


Kike Santander, Colombian composer extraordinaire, wrote this joyful song about looking forward to the New Year

Gracias a Dios

A man who owes money to everyone in town stages his own funeral to try to get out of the debts…will it work? Listen and see!


Our version of a classic.

Hoja seca

This song tells of one of those heartaches that will be with you forever, whether or not you drown your sorrows at the bar

House of Bamboo

Bilingual version of one of Andy Williams’s very best.

Juana Maria

We saw the blue Chevy truck in Los Vasquez’s video and had to play this song. We also wanted to see if Lisa Rogers could sing that quickly in Spanish.

La bartola

Pedro Infante's old favorite about saving money.

La basura

Run and hide, cause the garbage men are coming to take away everything worthless!

La carta perdida

A homesick tune, wondering whether the folks back home got the letter that was mailed with such care. Why is there no reply?
  La cumbancha
A song that invites you to listen to the clave, the bongo, and all the Latin rhythms that make the tune so catchy.

La lámpara

Mourning a lost love by the light of a lamp, this song was made famous by Chelo of Brownsville, Texas
  La Llorona
Based on the 100-year-old legend of the weeping woman who drowned her kids in a fit of madness. Like the green chile, spicy but sweet.

La mortaja

A spooky song about how you can’t take it with you. Death awaits us all!

La múcura

A mother-daughter story in which a girl asks St. Peter to help her lift a bucket of water, with disastrous results!

La niña de bien

A gal marries a guy without doing a background check and ends up in trouble with the mob—yikes!

La pulguera

A trip to the flea market with a friend who wants to buy it all!

La ranita

A tune about the frogs in the garden. Kids love to dance to this one!
  Las Gabacha-chas
A tune to introduce the band. Sounds like Santana’s “Oye Como Va.”

Las Mañanitas

Traditional Mexican birthday song.

Lejos de ti

Kike Santander wrote this song about being far from the one you love, longing for the next trip home

Los marcianos

Even the Martians love to dance cha cha cha. Here they come now!

Los tamalitos de Olga

How spicy are those tamales that Olga sells? No one can resist them!
  Luz de mi vida
Original song written by Maurine about when her beloved collie Luz ate her paycheck.

Mi piquito de oro

One of those Mexican tunes that is so catchy and danceable you never want it to stop

Mujer de la mancha

A Gabacha-cha original in which each verse names two elements that combine to produce surprising results

No tengo diñero

Exactly what you think it's about. I have no money.

Oye Como Gabs

A twist on Santana's "Oye Como Va" to introduce who we are.

Poco pelo

A Cuban cha cha cha about a guy who has no need for the barber

Quien Sera

Bilingual version of the 1953 mambo by Mexican composers Luis Demetrio and Pablo Beltran Ruiz. The most famous English version is “Sway” sung by Dean Martin.


A melancholy song to sing alone in the garden surrounded by flowers

Sufriendo Solas

Pass me a tostada so I can slit my wrists and end it all with this tale of being dumped and wanting to be left alone in misery. Okay, we have all been there. You can't sulk forever, but it feels fine for a while.

Ta Ka Ta

Tongue-twisting Cuban merengue from Al Castellanos.


A Gabacha-cha original about addiction to telenovelas. Don’t touch that dial!


A Colombian tune about a trip to the doctor that has a spicy double meaning

Tu solo tu

Selena tribute.
  Un poquito de tu amor
(“A Little of your Love”) from Desi Arnaz (aka Ricky Ricardo)

Vieja, pobre, flaca, fea

A song to dedicate to your favorite enemy—you know who she is!